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Free Shot Frenzy PSP Oyun İndir [ISO-PSN] [Google Drive-Mega]

Lee Jun-Fan

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10 Mart 2015


Free Shot Frenzy








I am a huge basketball fan, be it the NBA, the NCAA (YAY, DUKE LOST!), the Euroleague, FIBA, the Olympics or the pickup games right on our street corner. I also loved the manga and anime Slam Dunk (I am not even a fan of manga or anime, by the way). I rage at anything that desecrates the sport, like how the matinee idols 5566 figuratively spit on Naismith’s name with the sacrilegious My MVP Valentine just to siphon money from the most gullible demographic: prepubescent girls. You must realize now that I blindly consume everything basketball. I never learned a thing and watched Hot Shot. What was wrong with me? Also, I cringed at Lebron James’ The Decision for making a circus out of his free agency. And, I was on the verge of crying when Jason Kidd finally won a championship in the NBA Finals last year. He is my favorite basketball player in the post-Jordan era. So it might be possible that my love for the sport clouded my judgment in this review. No, I really doubt it. Now, in JeremyR’s review of World Ping Pong Championship, he highlights how lacking in the content department the game is. The same case happened here in Free Shot Frenzy. This Mini is a digital version of the hoop machine in arcades. Even if you don’t like basketball, I am pretty sure you’ve played it at least once in your lifetime for various reasons. One of those many reasons was, for sure, that you were on a date. I have to admit, I played this Mini for just a short amount of time. I took more time changing accounts in my Vita than actually playing this game. Partly, I just hated this awful game, but mostly, Free Shot Frenzy does not even offer a speck of entertainment. This game is not worth anybody’s money, time or attention. It is just an incomplete, unpolished and ugly digital product that should have been canceled. I don’t know if this game was previously released in the mobile ecosystem and offers more content there, but if it does, I find it offensive that the customers who pay more actually get less.

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